Back to Collage again :(


Hari ni kena balik collage semula.. Dah 2 hari balik bermalam, so sekarang kena balik..
Assgment sudah banyak tak siap, esok dah kena submit.. Aiyaaa!

Ana tak tahui bila nak balik ni sebab abang Ana yang hanytar tapi sampai dekat Klang Sentral saja. Nanti pandai-2lah Ana balik collage..

daa-2, nak balik dah..

I come back !

Assalamualaikum :)

First of all, i want to tell you that now i study at Selangor Collage Matriculation :)
Yeahh!, i think this is a good decision..

i'm very shock when i come for the first lecture..
Hmm, i saw a big hall, many of chair and a big scrin *.*
They studied very fast! until now, my life still not stable..
Not stable about the subject.. -,-
I hope my life become stable bofore a UPS..
This is very important, i want a good result.

i don't why, my result for all of a quiz.. Argghh, not satisfactory..
i didn't get any A or A-.. just B,C.. Ohh, i must change my life!!

yeahh, sorry, I forgot.. Actually, i want to show you a photos of friends in the matriculation :)

1 Murid 1 Sukan programe.

They like wear a pink colour :)

In a lecture hall

Si jambu air